• What is Minjapp?
    The Minjapp is a complete solution for helping diabetics in insulin therapy comply with the prescribed injection regime. The Minjapp consists of a patented device, that clicks onto all major brands of insulin pens and an app. The device automatically registers the position, then the app registers the data and guides the user to the correct injection site.
  • Why focus on diabetes and insulin injection rotation?
    Diabetes is one of the fastest growing and most costly group of diseases in the world with an estimated 422 million persons [3] suffering from the disease – this number is expected to skyrocket to 642 million in 2040. Approximately 80 mill. persons currently require insulin therapy to survive [4]. There is strong scientific evidence that lack of proper rotation of injection sites leads to damages to the skin and the subcutaneous tissue known as Lipohyperthrophy (LH) [1][2] Lipohyperthrophy makes it harder to control the blood sugar levels, causes a median of 25% higher use of insulin[1][2] and a generally worsened outcome as represented by a higher level of long term blod sugar levels. Research indicates that as many as 64% of Patients treated with insulin will develop these conditions seemingly, independently of whether they use syringes, pens, insulin pumps or injection ports. Correct rotation is the primary cure and protective measure against LH [2][5].
  • Benefits of using the Minjapp
    Helps the patient comply with the clinical guidelines on injecting insulin in a convenient manner. It automatically keeps a diabetes diary (insulin location, type, amount, time, blood glucose values, etc) to further help manage the disease and treatment in collaboration with medical professionals.
  • Status of the project
    The technology behind the Minjapp is patented. The device is in alpha test stage (small group of diabetics testing a prototype version). Large scale testing is expected in Q3 2017, launch in Q1 2018.
  • Further readings and sources
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